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Bounce offers products and services that contribute to cost-effective healthcare by creating efficient processes, leveraging technology, and empowering employees.  We team with like-minded organizations striving to make healthcare more affordable.  Our mission is to improve the quality of patient care while reducing the cost of providing it.

Staff Augmentation

Our team of experts have years of experience successfully implementing, working in, and supporting the most popular platforms.  Leverage our knowledge to enhance your full-time staff. 

Data Analytics

Data-driven decision making drives successful operations. Ensure you remain ahead of the curve in effectively managing your patients’ electronic medical records.


Integrating your systems is the fastest way to create efficiencies and reduce costs.  Interop means direct improvements to your bottom line.  Let the power of Coral elevate your practice.


Make your system work for you.  Automate routine tasks to guarantee you aren’t wasting valuable time and resources.

Poor workflows and EHR system performance impacting your physicians?

Our team of EHR consulting experts will boost the performance of your EHR, customize workflows, and help you optimize your systems. These will improve the productivity of your staff and the quality of your EHR experience for your Physicians.


What We Offer

Struggling to make it make sense? Your time is too valuable to spend it on the wrong tasks. Make managing your clinical content easier so you can focus on building growth instead of building forms. Strategically plan your growth and analyze opportunities to create efficiency in your organization. Effectively care for your community and patient population while reducing the burden of heavy overhead.

"Our Bounce analyst is able to do the work of three full-time employees at a fraction of the cost. Their expertise and depth of knowledge in healthcare workflows and available tools saves our organization time and expense trying to solve complex problems on our own."

Michelle Nguyen
VP of Revenue Cycle Management

"We depend on the Bounce Group to deliver exceptional analyst services to our customers. They are experts in ambulatory healthcare that take great pride in the data proven results they deliver. "

Jordan Shaw
COO of True North ITG, Inc.

See More Patients and Reduce Care Costs

Don’t be afraid of breaking the budget – it’s more affordable than you think!

Trust Your Practice’s Profitability To The Bounce Group

Our team of EHR experts will boost the performance of your EHR, configure your system to support your workflows, and optimize operations through automation. This will improve the productivity of your staff and the quality of the EHR experience for your physicians.

We offer a team of expert EHR consultants who have years of experience in healthcare systems

Our unique experience allows us to look at how technology will impact your front office, clinical staff, billing office, and financial statements from start to finish rather than a siloed view of your operations.


System IntegrationS

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